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Anne’s writing has been featured in many literary magazines, short story anthologies, and other publications including her collection Pray For Yourself.


‘Between Boys,’ Other Voices 47: Special Issue: All-Chicago, 2007

“What’s Yours?,” Other Voices 36: Spring/Summer 2002
—Winner of Illinois Arts Council 2003 Literary Award

Anne Calcagno

Excerpt from ‘What’s Yours?’

“Sometimes, she stole someone else’s identity. The best way was to get access to the internal address book of some institution. A university was ideal. It had plenty of numbers people hardly ever answered. You made a few calls looking for a professor’s answering machine with a recording that easily sounded like you. After writing the professor’s department and title in your little notepad, you tested out the newly acquired role. 

You visited a museum, neglecting to bring a purse. At the ticket counter, where the sign announces “Educators: Free,” you stated your name, your educational institution, and fretted over having forgotten your wallet and professional identification – with your purse. But you pressed them, please, to call “your” number; they’ll hear it’s you. You’ve come to preview the museum for a class. They like educators. You sound authentic and frazzled. In you go. You are Estella Snyder, professor of Biology. The real Estella couldn’t be less hurt. This was taking what the world had to give.” 




Salwa Holloway, Roxanne Pilar, Growing Up Chicago, “Between Boys,” Forthcoming.

Anthologized in the anthology, Reconstructing Italians in Chicago: Thirty Authors in Search of Roots and Branches. Ed; by Gloria Nardini & Dominic Candeloro

The Milk of Almonds: Italian American Women Writers, Feminist Press.

Don’t Tell Mama: The Penguin Book of Italian American Writing, Penguin Books.

American Fiction (no.2), Birch Lane Press.

Fiction of the Eighties, TriQuarterly Books.




“Terse Brown Mouse” Chicago Illuminati

‘Between Boys,’ Other Voices 47: Special Issue: All-Chicago

“What’s Yours?,” Other Voices 36: Spring/Summer
—Winner of Illinois Arts Council Literary Award

‘The Woman Who Hit A Tree,’ Rhino: 3-4.

—Nominated for an Illinois Literary Award

‘Married You Are Not Alone,’ River Oak Review 1: 34-46.

‘Patricia’s Jaw,’ The Body 3: Catalog, University of Chicago Press
—Winner, First Prize, Chicago Women in Publishing: Category Academic/Literary


‘A River Fat With Life,’ Lake Effect 5.2 —Winner, Second Prize

‘Story of My Weight,’ TriQuarterly 72: 41-47.

‘Patricia’s Jaw,’ Denver Quarterly 22:3: 184-200.

‘Something Like A Risk,’ North American Review 272: 23-21.

‘Pray For Yourself,’ Epoch 35: 3: 201-206.

‘Martine,’ Fiction Monthly 22: 3: 7-8.

‘Locustville, Ohio,’ The Slackwater Review, Spring: 43-52.