Love Like A Dog


This debut novel is a page-turning drama about familial devotion. Set in contemporary Chicago, it is the harrowing story of Dirk, a young motherless man desperate for his self-centered father’s approval. A rescued pit bull alters their lives irrevocably, embroiling them in the terrible misuses to which the breed is prey.

As Dirk’s father grows increasingly entangled in criminal activity, Dirk must quickly come to terms with a series of legal and moral crises and determine for himself what it truly means to be a man.

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Critical Acclaim for Love Like A Dog


Love Like a Dog will melt the heart of every animal lover, making you laugh, cry, and rage as the novel characterizes the emotional relationships of dogs, people, and abusers. Calcagno’s remarkable description and study of the meaning of “love” between a dysfunctional family and the animals who love them, regardless of their flaws, makes her novel an instant favorite.’—Luxury Reading

‘A very powerful book brings forth the love of a boy for his dog while condemning those who abuse innocent dogs.’—Deb Fowler, Feathered Quill

 “…a great story about redemption…I highly recommend it. [It] brings to life the quality of dogs that people admire so much…. “ —5-stars, from Citizen John, top 50 Amazon Reviewer 

 ‘….I’ve read a lot of ‘dog lover’ stories but this one quickly became so much deeper … I found myself wanting to get back to it more and more as the story intensified. I would love to read a sequel … A very recommended read.’ —5 stars, K. Groh, Top 500 Amazon reviewer

‘Several connecting sub-plots are built within the story line.… I found this [book] well–written, enjoyable, and extremely hard to put down. I was reading all through the night.’ —5 stars, Kathy W, Top 1000 Amazon Reviewer

Interview with Marshall Zerigue, “Coffee with a Canine”, July 2015

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Reviews & Interviews

Barnes & Noble

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Feathered Quill

A very powerful book brings forth the love of a boy for his dog while condemning those who abuse innocent dogs. 

Chicago Sun-Times

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Atlanta Pet Health Examiner

 Thank you Anne for writing this amazing book and opening up people’s eyes to the cruelty that is happening to pit bulls all over the country. 

Hug A Bull

There’s sadness in this story, but there is hope and there are a lot of great moments that will make a pit bull owner smile in recognition. 


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Over 300 copies of LOVE LIKE A DOG have been donated to more than 45 animal shelters across the country that welcome in and adopt out any misunderstood breeds, such as the bully breeds, Dobermans, German Shepherds, Rottwielers and Akitas. Additional copies of Love Like A Dog have been donated to Chicago-area dog training, grooming & boarding facilities to help raise money. If believe your dog organization qualifies for free copies, please contact Anne. 


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