Travelers' Tales: Tuscany

travelers_tuscany_01These essays by renowned travel writers explore the many lures of Tuscany — its rolling hills, sunny climate, friendly people, and superb food and wine. This extraordinary region comes alive in tales of harvesting grapes, hunting for truffles, hiking ancient Etruscan paths, and glorying in the region’s bountiful art, music, history, and above all, romance. Some of the writers have made Tuscany their home, others came to vacation or study. But the spell of the region pervades all of these accounts. Authors include Frances Mayes, Matthew Spender, Jan Morris, Ferenc Mate, and Barbara Grizzuti Harrison, among others.

“So what is this region – of the heart, in the heart of Italy – of Tuscany? It is the one region Tuscans and travelers single out. Ask anyone about Italy; he can usually name cities and Roman monuments with alacrity, but regions? You must mean Tuscany.”
from the Introduction by Anne Calcagno