Pleasure Before Pain

Let me recommend you enjoy the giddy moments before you actually try to submit your book. Because unless you are technically evolved, or under sixteen, you might find that transforming your word document to pdf files is an intricate, highly evolved, exacerbating, mind-blowing process. And no one at CreateSpace can now offer you any support here because Microsoft Word is not their property. Dear writer, you need friends, computer savvy friends. Or, in my case, a husband. Though it becomes clear soon I have put my marriage on the rocks with this pdf file conversion situation. But I am a true artist and, like Mailer and Hemingway and Richard Ford, the real princes of literature, I will hurl people I love over cliffs, in front of moving trucks, or chain them to a computer, to get my manuscript prepared in pdf format.

(Only too late do I discover, a free online conversion system. Go for it!)