A Miracle, A Generous Writer

A miracle occurs. Trust in miracles. Thomas Wolfe wrote, in Look Homeward Angel:

“And who can say, whatever disenchantment follows, that we can ever forget magic, or that we can ever betray, on this leaden earth, the apple tree, the singing or the gold.”

Sometimes the miracle is a living person.

A talented writer, Mark has two published novels and teaches high school. I met him years ago; now and again we catch up on email. He is forging a Chicago Writers reading series and pow-wowing for recommendations . I blurt out that I have a manuscript being published by CreateSpace. And, because he is a writer, he cares about manuscripts; he asks to read it. He likes it! I am suddenly/transformatively/miraculously one of the authors on the summer reading list for Juniors and Seniors at Rolling Meadows High School. I want to buy one hundred helium-filled balloons and free them into the sky.

Mark will soon learn why generosity is not for the faint of heart. To do anything for anybody is a labor, real labor of love and fortitude.

The school asks me to sell my novel, as soon as it comes out, at the local Borders. Borders will certainly be pleased to have a ready-made order of 200-300 books!