Meeting “My” Readers

One of the magnificent aspects of self-publishing is actually encountering your readers. When I read at a bookstore and signed books, I hardly ever got to speak more than three sentences to any book-buyer. Earlier today I was preparing a mailing of two copies of LOVE LIKE A DOG, from an order placed on my webpage. As I scotch taped, and folded, and addressed, I loved and coveted the reader named “Alicia” in California. Who is this wonderful person who has found my book?

Readers have written back to me. I’m sharing a couple of comments because this is what happens in self-publishing. What will happen to you.

Hi Anne,
> I received your book and loved it!! I couldn’t put it down. I stayed up
> until 3am the first night reading it, then finally made myself go to sleep
> since I had to work in the morning. As soon as I woke up I started reading it again and ended up being an hour late for work!
> Thank you so much for sending copies to give to adopters. I look forward to passing it out.
> I write an online column for Examiner and would love to write an article
> about your book. A short interview, perhaps? Would that be ok? I can email you the questions if you agree. Here’s the link to my page there.

> Thank you so much for writing Love Like a Dog. 🙂
> Rebecca Novak
> Shelter Angels Pit Bull Rescue

Here is the link to the article she wrote:
Online article about LLAD:

Okay, I’m Polyanna. This feels darn good. As if a) writers and b) readers are all this big world needs to create the fullest cycle of literature. Meanwhile, the whole publishing empire is collapsing. I think they have forgotten, really, about a) writers and b) readers.
My favorite, favorite reader comment shared by Toni Phillips, the founder of the amazing shelter, is:

>You’ll love this, almost as much as I do … while I was here in the barn checking email etc. Mike (her husband) was in the camper READING YOUR BOOK!!!! That may not seem a big deal, BUT I’ve only seen Mike read one book in TWENTY YEARS and that’s his Bible!! He was really enjoying it …