Independent bookstores

In I Am Legend one woman and her child (besides Will Smith), have survived as humans (to his knowledge). They seek a small remaining colony of people. They are like independent bookstores whose numbers have been decimated by 75% or mote. Struggling, if heroic, stores like “Women & Children First,” in Chicago, “The Strand” in New York, “The Tattered Book Cover” in Denver. Stores whose business integrity springs from on a deep love of books. Stores devoted to sharing that knowledge, guiding you gently toward miracles of imagination.

I love independent bookstores. Borders has just proved to me once again why chains are the enemy of literacy and literature. I call the independent bookstore closest to Rolling Meadows High School. About a 15-20 minute drive away. The five other nearby independent bookstores are Christian bookstores. The store manager here says: “First of all no one will drive 15 minutes to find your book. Secondly, sure we’ll take your books on consignment to support you as a local author, but I can assure you they will just sit here gathering dust.”

Now, independent bookstores shove authors away, too.

Well, the Portal of Independents site says:

Self Publish, Author Publish and Print On-Demand Publications
We appreciate the interest so many writers show in NewPages, and over the years there have been a growing number of self-published authors wanting to have their books listed on NewPages. NewPages will list these titles as “Received.” It may take several weeks for the book to appear on the site. Please do not call or e-mail us to see if the book has been received.

If your book is self-published or printed by a POD company like iUniverse or PublishAmerica, send only one copy if you want it listed on the Books Received page. We do not review self-published/POD books. We are not reviewing e-books at this time.