The minute I introduce myself to their site, I get a phone call & an email from a warm cheery sales rep, Nicole, who actually asks me what my novel is about. She suggests I speak with an Accounts Manager and immediately set up a phone appointment with this person for the next day. The Manager phones, outlines different opportunities, some free, some not (author support, member forums, press packets, sign-up with, expanded distribution listing for bookstores). I am giddy with hope. This new world, it is transformative and fertile and open to me. When I ask to see their books, I am mailed one with a black and white on ivory paper, one with a colorful cover on stark white paper. I sign up.

My novel, by the way, is titled LOVE LIKE A DOG. It’s about a struggling family transformed by the pit bull they rescue.

(Publishing Central, an online site devoted to helping writers says: “If you are writing a blog…just remember that every few posts, you should mention your book.” So there it is.)