Borders Hates Self-Published Authors

Wrong! They are not happy, not at all. The General Manager reports that Borders has been “burned” by independently published authors. These authors ask Borders to order multiple copies or their book that don’t sell and then can’t be returned. These authors refuse to remove or pay for this unwanted inventory, at a huge cost for Borders. Self-published writers are a new dangerous invasive species, as welcome as Asian Carp! They have ruined everything for me. Though I know no such demonic, self-destructive writers personally, these people have made my book unwanted dreck. Also Borders will only sell a book if it has a BINC Number. This is the little sticker Borders has on each of its books & CDs etc. But getting a BINC # is a secret rite of passage, known only to invisible address-less Borders Buyers. They are more wary than anyone of being burned yet again by the roving mobs of dysfunctional writers out there. I remember the Will Smith movie with that gorgeous German Shepherd: I Am Legend. The rest of the world is permeated with roving soul suckers. I Am Legend is the story in code of what has happened to Borders; soon there will be so many soul suckers, Borders will board up its doors, and use dogs as guardians.