At least one Barnes & Noble does not hate independently published Writers:

Out of the blue, I get a call from he Community Relations person at Barnes & Noble in Arlington Heights. Now, I move in a different movie; I am in Peter Pan, and I can fly, dreams are real. The person, named Jamie, is Tinkerbell, my best magical friend. She wants to place my book, even if it’s independently published, my God! But the ISBN, which CreateSpace gave me needs to be on record in the computer system. And it will not be, until my Expanded Distribution Network is set up. And CreateSpace cannot make that happen for 6-8 weeks after the pdf proof is approved (which is when my book is actually a physical book, which is supposed to happen any day now. What this means is that even when the book is published, no bookstore can get it on their system for 6-8 weeks. Be forewarned, unlike me.

What I learned from the Community Relations person at Barnes & Noble is that the world is, and always will be, composed of individuals. And some of the most gracious ones even work for Evil Empire Chain bookstores, and do they best to overturn obstacles, welcome writers, and stock books. As long as you have a “book return” policy. Which CreateSpace doesn’t. They are a print on demand site; what would they do with returned books? How did I not figure this out from the beginning? Even when my ISBN is finally recorded, I cannot reach bookstores without special exceptions being made. I feel like a fool.

Maybe I can register LOVE LIKE A DOG online at