anne-dog‘At eight, I was given my first creative assignment: “Write anything you want!” I plunged into a magic search for a lost diamond in the woods, early indication of my love for sparkle. I lost myself in that young foray, no longer in the classroom, no longer rewinding fear and worries.  It would propel me into a lifelong fascination with story-telling. My kids say, “In our family, art is religion.” Writing as meditation; books, challenging the core.  Literature saved me from deepest loneliness, carried me to other centuries, cultures, lives, literature with its empathy, urging me to expand mine. It is what I hope, each morning I settle at my desk, coffee and water side-by-side; enlarge your empathy, Anne. My dogs, of course, understand this to mean there’s more in store for them; another walk? More treats? Sigh. They don’t understand much about writing. ‘ — Anne Calcagno, author

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